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GBL alloy cleaner

Buy GBL Alloy wheel cleaner

GBL alloy Cleaner is a kind of excellent cleaning agent, you can use it to remove paint, ink, rim, superglue, chrome wheel, alloy, graffiti, and oil-stains very easily,
GBL alloy Cleaner dissolves in water and it is biodegradable and not flammable. So it is very safe and easy to use with the right precautions.

GBL alloy Cleaner is designed to be used for the cleaning alloy wheels, deletion printing inks and removing graffiti.

GBL alloy Cleaner is high purity cleaner (99.99% min pure), it’s specially used as cleaner for chrome wheels, stain, graffiti, paint, ink, superglue ect.

GBL alloy Cleaner has unbeliveable cleaning ability, it removes brake dust and other dirt from your rims, and makes them look like new. It is also perfect for removing graffiti from walls. We use the most secure delivery methods and you can be assured that your order will be arrived in time.

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